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Secretary for Dawa’ah



(a) Promote Dawa’ah propagation and awareness in the country;

(b) Monitor and evaluate Dawa’a activities and projections as per set goals;

(c) Improve and promote the image of Islam through corporate social responsibility activities like charity, hospital visits, community volunteering service;

(d) Address the negative actions that portray Islam in bad image and promote good deed;

(e) Network and increase connections of Duats to national and global Dawa’a persons and organizations for exposure, study and other beneficiaries;

(f) Mobilize resources for Dawa’a activities;

(g) Improve Dawa’a working conditions and welfare for the upcoming, serving and retired Dawa’a practitioners and making a database and registration of all Dawa’a practitioners and streamlining all Dawa’a activities from top to down structures;

(h) Train, regulate and license Duats or religious preachers; and

(i) Organize and conduct Dawa’a workshops, seminars and refresher courses at all levels of UMSC structures.


Fact File of Secretary for Dawa’ah







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