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Haj and Umrah


Haj and Umrah



(a) Be responsible for Haj and Umrah programmes in the country;

(b) With the instructions from the Management Committee, work or coordinate with governments and embassies on any issue related to Hijjah and Umrah;

(c) With instructions from the Management Committee, work with government in the establishment and running of the national bureau of Haj Affairs;

(d) Be the head of Haj and Umrah board committee;

(e) Conduct awareness and sensitize on all Muslims on Haj and Umrah related issues;

(f) Mobilize Muslims to perform Haj and Umrah; (g) carry out sensitization proprammes on performance of Haj and Umrah;

(h) Educate and disseminate any information concerning requirements of every Haj season; (i) Manage Majlis Tours and Travel on behalf of the UMSC;

(j) Establish Haj investment fund – Tabung Haj;

(k) Advice the UMSC on any Haj and Umrah affairs in the Country;

(l) Make guideline and policies related to performance of Haj and Umrah; and

(m) Perform any other duty as may be assigned to him by the Secretary General or Management Committee on behalf of the General Assembly.


Fact File of Secretary for Haj and Umrah





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