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Zakat and Swadaqa


Zakat and Swadaqa



(a) Establish and maintain a Zakat board at UMSC headquarters;

(b) Establish Zakat Investments Fund;

(c) Formulate Zakat committees at District and County levels;

(d) Supervise and manage all collections and distributions of Zakat in the Country;

(e) Educate, conduct awareness and orient Muslims on the importance of paying Zakat in the country;

(f) Ensure that the UMSC is the only body to collect and distribute Zakat in the country on behalf of Muslims and to assign such duties to any other body as the UMSC deems fit; and

(g) Do any other duties that may be assigned by the Management Committee on behalf of the General Assembly.


 Fact File of Secretary for Zakat and Swadaqa


ZIYAD SWALEH LUBANGA, is the Ag. Secretary for Zakat and Swadaqa at UMSC. He is a PhD holder at Islamic University in Uganda (IUIU), Faculty of Islamic Studies and Arabic Language, a Senior Lecturer since 2013 at same Department.

His Publications

  1. The reality of Islamic legislation and its impact on human life, (Arabic language) printed in 2006 by Imam Muhammad bin Saudi Islamic University, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  2. Zakatul-Fitir (Luganda version) printed in 2017 by Husma Solution Ltd
  3. Zakatul-Fitir (English version) printed in 2017 by Husma Solution Ltd
  4. Zakatul-Maali simplified printed in 2021 by Husma Solution Ltd


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