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Awqaaf & Endowments

Awqaaf and Endowments 



(a) Be secretary to the UMSC Property and Endowment (Awqaaf) Trust;

(b) Establish a uniform system of administering Muslim property in Uganda;

(c) Provide land and property rules and regulations that will enhance and ensure safety and socio-economic development of Muslim land and property in Uganda;

(d) Create awareness of land and property ownership for Muslims in Uganda;

(e) Educate and sensitize Muslims on the importance of Waqf in a Muslim’s life;

(f) Contract individuals or Muslim organizations to do surveys and valuation to Muslim land and property;

(g) Protect all Muslim land and property;

(h) Acquire, document and register land from all acceptable available sources;

(i) Coordinate with government bodies that are concerned with land and property matters; (j) Arbitrate land disputes over UMSC land before resorting to courts of law;

(k) Coordinate and closely work with other bodies related with Awqaaf and endowment internationally;

(l) Establish Awqaaf committees and district land boards to ensure easy and proper management;

(m) Represent the UMSC on any matters related to Awqaaf within and outside the country; and

(n) To carry out any other duties that may be assigned by the Management Committee


Fact File of Secretary for Awqaaf and Endowments






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