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Secretary General



There is a Secretary General and to be 2 Deputy Secretary Generals appointed by the Joint Session from amongst the entire Sunni Muslim population of Uganda through an open and transparent recruitment process involving public invitation for expression of interest and approved by the Assembly.

The Secretary General is a member and secretary of the Management Committee and Secretary to the General Assembly, Executive Committee and Joint Session.

The Secretary General must be an ex-officio member of any committee, sub committee, team, adhoc committee or board established by the Assembly, Joint Session or the Executive Committee, or any other body set up for the proper running of the affairs of the UMSC at the national level other than committees set up to investigate and or evaluate the Secretary General’s conduct and or performance.

 The duties and responsibilities of the Secretary General are;

(a) ensure that UMSC has a robust and up to date strategic plan to guide the operations and activities of the different organs;

(b) supervise and oversee the Deputy Secretary Generals;

(c) organize personnel, groups, representatives at different levels, projects and all structures and organs of the UMSC through periodic employee performance management evaluation for effective and efficient conduct of UMSC business;

(d) play the leading role and give strategic direction to the executive and administration of the UMSC;

(e) put in place and ensure proper, transparent and robust financial management of the UMSC resources in accordance with internationally acceptable financial management systems;

(f) implement ethical management systems;

(g) with supervision of the Mufti, mobilize resources required for the efficient implementation of the objectives of the UMSC;

(h) initiate and pursue establishment of policies, regulations, bylaws, and procedures for proper, professional and Islamic management of the UMSC and the fulfillment of its objectives;

(i) execute and provide, with the supervision of the Mufti, accountability for all UMSC projects;

(j) initiate key executive policies and decisions with the approval of the relevant organs; and

(k) be responsible for coordination of the financial, administrative and other matters of all the Regional, District and other levels of the UMSC administrative structures and organs and shall, in that regard, issue such directives and guidelines as are consistent with the provisions of the Constitution.

The Secretary General is directly answerable to the Mufti for matters pertaining to Management of the UMSC, the Executive Committee for matters relating to the business of the Executive, and to the Joint Session and General Assembly on matters relating to the Joint Session and the General Assembly respectively.

The Secretary General is the supervisor of the Secretariat and shall monitor and give directives to Directors and Secretaries in consultation with the Mufti.

The Secretary General has the power to delegate any of the powers and duties vested in him/her to the deputies or any other subordinate officials of the UMSC but shall remain accountable for the proper exercise of such powers and execution of such duties.

The Secretary General is responsible for coordination of the financial, administrative and other matters of the regions and lower administrative structures in that regard and may issue such directives as is necessary.

Subject to any contrary provision in these Articles, the tenure of the Secretary General and the Deputies is seven years and is eligible for re-appointment once subject to a successful performance appraisal by the Executive Committee and approval by the Joint Session.

The post of the Secretary General and the deputies are filled after public advertisement and the terms and conditions of recruitment and service shall be contained in the management and personnel manual to be developed by the Executive Committee from time to time with the help of experts to be appointed for that purpose.

Without prejudice to the provision of sub-article (13) above the Secretary General and a Deputy Secretary General must be;

(a) a respectable, properly married and a practicing Sunni Uganda Muslim of sound mind;

(b) a holder of at least a masters degree preferably in managerial studies from a recognized institution and a certificate in administrative law from an accredited institution;

(c) fluent in the English language and working knowledge of Arabic language;

(d) with a clean track record and free from offences under the national and Islamic laws;

(e) not have been successfully impeached by any of the UMSC organs;

(f) at least 40 years old and not more than 65 years old; and

(g) with a working experience at a managerial level in a busy organization of at least 10 years.

Where any instrument or any document is required to be signed or endorsed by the Secretary General that instrument or document is signed or endorsed by only the Secretary General except if the Secretary General, in writing, subject to sanction of the Management Committee and the approval the Executive Committee, designates any of the Deputy Secretary General or such other official of the UMSC to sign or endorse such instrument or document on his behalf.

Subject to UMSC constitution, the Secretary General, the Deputy Secretary Generals and the Mufti must not originate from the same region so as to promote regional balance.

The Secretary General is liable for removal by the Joint Session with the approval of the Assembly for any of the following reasons;

(a) if declared bankrupt;

(b) if he conducts himself in a manner unfitting of the office;

(c) upon conviction for an offence under the laws of Uganda;

(d) if he violates Islamic norms and national laws;

(e) if he becomes incapable of performing the duties of the office; or

(f) upon failing to meet the performance evaluation criteria as may be set by the Executive Committee from time to time.

The Secretary General and the Deputy Secretary General must vacate office if;

(a) the person resigns in writing addressed to the Chairperson of the UMSC;

(b) the person is removed as a result of a successful impeachment;

(c) he or she attains the age of 65 years of age; or

(d) the person dies.

Upon a successful completion of the first tenure of service of seven years a person who served as a Secretary General is entitled to privileges and benefits as is enshrined in the human resource manual and retirement policy. For avoidance of doubt this provision does not apply to a Deputy Secretary General.

 Current Secretary General


SHEIKH MUHAMAD ALI ALUMA is the Ag. Secretary General of Uganda Muslim Supreme Council (UMSC), a Lawyer with Masters in Law (LLM) and Lecturer at Islamic Call University College (ICUC) which is under UMSC.






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