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Directorate of Halal is headed by the Director of Halal assisted by the Deputy Director of Halal. The Director of Halal is in-charge of Halal accreditation and standards and the Deputy Director of Halal is in-charge of enforcement, supervision and implementation of UMSC Halal policies in line with Organization of Islamic Countries and other international Halal standards and guidelines.

It is the only authorized and authentic halal certification body in the Country with hand in hand with Governmental Ministries such as Ministry of Health, Ministry of Local Government, Ministry of Agriculture, Animals and Fisheries, UNBS among others.

The Directorate has a Secretary for Halal in-charge of office management.

The Director and the Deputy Director are appointed by the Joint Session.


(a) a Ugandan Sunni Muslim;

(b) at least 40 years old and not exceeding 65 years;

(c) be a holder of at least a masters degree in Sharia or its equivalent from an accredited university;

(d) respectable, properly married and a practicing Muslim;

(e) with a clean track record and free from offences under the national and Islamic laws; and

(f) with at least five years working experience in the relevant field.

Directorate of Halal Services Offered

  1. Halal Certifications

We usually grant Halal Certification to the qualified candidates after assessing their production line. Most of the Halal certificates awarded are on annual basis for example in the meat industry, we work with the Quality Assurance Managers together with the Vets and also our qualified Muslim slaughters to ensure proper work done.

  1. Halal Accreditations

The Directorate is the only Halal body in charge of halal accreditations in Uganda

  1. Halal Inspections and monitoring processes

Inspections are usually done to all halal certified and uncertified Companies on annually and quarterly basis, this is the same when it comes to monitoring process.

  1. Halal meetings, Seminars & Dialogues

These are scheduled throughout the year some are scheduled Weekly, others Monthly whereas others are scheduled on an annual basis depending what Halal is targeting at. On the other hand, there are some stakeholders who invite us for halal meetings, seminars and dialogue for the purposes of halal investigations, clarities and propagations.

  1. Halal visits

We visit Muslim Districts to know how halal activities are moving in their respective districts throughout the Country.

  1. Halal policy guidelines

We give Halal policy guidelines to those who ask more information about Halal Directorate.

  1. Halal Consultations and public awareness

We usually answer Halal questions to those who want to know more about Halal and make awareness to halal activities in the Country

  1. Halal Trainings

We always train Halal personnel at all levels depending on what we have scheduled.

  1. Halal appointments and dedicating of Halal field work

We usually appoint different Halal offers to simplify Halal at all levels that is at the Headquarters, Districts, Counties and at the Mosque Levels

  1. Solves Halal Conflict

Halal is responsible for solving Halal wrangles in the Country on what should be consumed and what shouldn’t be consumed on the side of Halal.

Fact File of Director for Directorate of Halal

ABDUL KARIM ABDALLAH KATAMBA, is the Director for Directorate of Halal at Uganda Muslim Supreme Council (UMSC), with Masters in Sharia Law (IUIU) and a former Regional Assistant to the Mufti.


SNo. Company Name
1 Ugachick Poultry Breeders Limited
2 Biyinzika Poultry International Limited
3 Ecolab East Africa
4 Newrest Uganda Inflight Services Limited
5 Eqypt Uganda Food Security Limited
6 SR afrochicks & Breeders Limited
7 HMH Rainbow Limited
8 Sekajja Afro Farms Limited
9 Pie in the Sky Limited
10 Ahhuu Barintumye Herbal clinical research
11 Ask International Limited
12 Chicken City Farms Limited
13 KFC Kabalagala
14 KFC Bugolobi
15 KFC Boulevard
16 KFC Oasis
17 KFC Kyanja
18 KFC Victoria
19 KFC Acacia Branch
20 KFC Rubaga
21 Ashra Restaurant
22 Fresh Perch Limited
23 Piffany Company Limited
24 Fridamu Group Limited
25 Sokoni Africa Limited
26 Dembe Foods
27 GCC Services Limited
28 Elmurtanga Uganda Limited
29 Ngali Development Foundation
30 Capital Shoppers Supermarket
31 Fresh Cuts Limited
32 Temupe Foods Limited
33 Costco Meat and Poultry
34 Costco Supermarket
35 MCM Chicken
36 Milestone Holdings
37 Great Habib Smart Farm Academy
38 Kings cuts Uganda Limited
39 Muslim Smart Butchery
40 Guild Fresh Poultry Farm
41 Your Butchery
42 Tribe stone Holdings Olive Butcher & vegetable
43 Tasty Godly Industries
44 Chicken Tayari Farms
45 Kanyangareng Amalgamated Agencies
46 Standard supermarket
47 Perfect mixed Farm
48 Wardrook Chicken
49 Viva Chicken
50 Nabayiga foods ltd
51 New Nice Butchery
52 SsenFresh
53 Cina Butchery
54 Farm Holdings Limited.
55 Cina Butchery.
56 Frango Restaurant
57 Capital Chicken SMC Limited Kamwokya
58 Capital Chicken SMC Limited Ben Kiwanuka
59 Capital Chicken SMC Limited Kasangati
60 Capital Chicken SMC Limited Kitebi
61 Capital Chicken SMC Limited Mukono
62 Capital Chicken SMC Limited Kamwokya
63 Salem Chicken Butchery.
64 Guild Fresh Poultry Farm _Mutundwe
65 Modern Market Wankulukuku
66 Abu Meat Suppliers
67 Basar Fried Chicken and Takeaway _ Wandegeya
68 Salam Smart Butchery _ New Taxi Park





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