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Legal Affairs



Directorate of Legal Affairs is headed by the Director and deputized by the Deputy Director.

The Directorate of Legal Affairs has such number of staff as decided by the Executive Committee and approved by the Joint Session.


(a) Be a Ugandan Sunni Muslim;

(b) At least 35 years old and not exceeding 65 years;

(c) Qualified to be a judge of the High Court of Uganda;

(d) Have at least a holder of a masters of laws degree;

(e) Respectable, properly married and a practicing Muslim; and

(f) With a clean track record and free from offences under the national and Islamic laws.

All service of summons and other legal processes to Uganda Muslim Supreme Council are affected on the Director of Legal Affairs at UMSC headquarters who has a receipt stamp approved by the Executive Committee for that purpose.

Commencement of any suit by UMSC is only done by or with the written endorsement of the Director of Legal Affairs with the approval of the Secretary General except where the suit relates to the office bearers.

Duties of the Directorate of Legal Affairs

(a) To represent UMSC and its related entities in litigation before Courts of Law;

(b) Provide legal advisory services to the General Assembly, Joint Session, the Executive and other lower organs of the UMSC;

(c) Guide the UMSC in the formulation and drafting of policies and operational manuals for efficient and effective running of the affairs of the UMSC organs;

(d) Its Director to attend Management, Executive Committee, Joint Session and General Assembly meetings as an ex officio member;

(e) Provide corporate governance, advisory and capacity building to UMSC organs and officials;

(f) Carry on any other roles as may be assigned by the General Assembly through the relevant organs from time to time;

(g) Nominate an ex officio member to the Halal Directorate;

(h) Its Director to be a member and act as an advisor to the UMSC Endowment Trust (s);

(i) To represent the UMSC on any body or organ that the Management Committee deems necessary;

(j) To establish, maintain and manage the legal chambers of UMSC; and

(k) To manage any external legal counsel engaged by UMSC to act on its behalf in any legal matter.

All the staff of the Directorate are recruited through the recruitment procedure spelt out in the constitution and the UMSC human resources and personnel manual.

All staff in the Directorate including the Director and the deputy serve on a fixed contract period and on such other terms and conditions as spelt out in the UMSC human resources and personnel manual from time to time.


Fact File of the Director of Legal Affairs

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