Ugandan Lawyer Appointed Director

A renowned Uganda lawyer Haji Kajubi Muhammad Ali has been appointed the Uganda National Director of Indo-OIC Islamic Chamber of Commerce and Industry – IICCI.

His appointment letter dated 19th October 2017 was signed by the IICCI President Prof. Dr. Mohammed Seraj Ansari.

In the letter, Dr. Ansari informed Haji Kajubi that as the IICCI National Director his role is advisory but he will carry out huge responsibilities of fulfilling specific day-to-day management functions and decision making, in consultation with the President and the IICCI Executive Committee.

While addressing journalists shortly after the appointment, Haji Kajubi who is a Principal Advocate and the head of M/s. M.A. Kajubi & Co. Advocates said the activities of a National Director are essential to the success and wellbeing of IICCI. He pledged to work hand in hand with fellow National Directors worldwide and the IICCI Secretariat to implement all policies of the organisation.

He said his appointment is an opportunity for Uganda in terms of business opportunities. He said he will use his newly acquired office to establish an IICCI Uganda Branch and to build a strong membership among other duties.

He called upon Ugandan business proprietors to get in touch with him and explore various ways of business partnerships with IICCI.

The main goal of IICCI is to promote business, trade and economic relationships in the 63 OIC member countries and 250 non OIC countries, through a set of proactive business-oriented initiatives and cultural exchanges.

To achieve this, OIC and non OIC member countries need to have National Directors for proper coordination of IICCI activities.

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