Thumbs up to President Erdogan for quick response to Somalia bombing

I would like to join all peace loving people around the world to condemn the terrorist attack that took place in Mogadishu on Saturday 14th leaving over three hundred dead and hundreds injured.

Whoever is behind this mass murder is clearly the enemy of humanity.

I must however extend my sincere gratitude to the President of Turkey His Excellency Recep Tayyip Erdogan for his quick response to this barbaric attack by sending planes loaded with relied items and medical personnel to attend to the wounded.

I also thank him for airlifting the wounded to Turkey for urgent medical attention. We need such Muslim leaders during these times when Muslims are being targeted left and right. If Muslim leaders do not stand shoulder by shoulder with their Muslim fraternity worldwide, no one will.

I also commend the government of Djibouti and Qatar for also sending the much needed help to Somalia shortly after the terrorist attack.

I am impressed by the fact that there are Muslim leaders and countries that are ready to take action against all injustices directed to Muslims without fear or favour.

When Palestine came under attack from Zionists, Iran did not hesitate to its oppressors even when it was aware that the so called super powers of this world were backing them.

Other Muslims countries did not stand with Palestine because they were afraid of their western allies who are pro Israel.

Iran was later joined by Turkey and Qatar in support of the Palestinian statehood.

Recently when the Rohingya Muslims came under attack from the Burmese military, hundreds were killed in cold blood, their homes were burnt and tens of thousands were displaced.

It took the brevity of President Erdogan to not only speak out against the atrocities but also send relief supplies to the survivors.

Even the UN did not dare stand up against the Myanmar regime when it was clear that there was ethnic cleansing going on. But when Turkey took action and threatened to deploy its military in defense of the Rohingya Muslims, the UN and other western powers started issuing statements condemning the atrocities of the Myanmar regime.

If all other Muslim countries had the courage displayed by Turkey, Iran and Qatar; the enemies of Islam would have been restrained in many ways.

Even the threat of terrorism would have been neutralized, because most of it is perpetuated by the western powers in the name of promoting democracy.

I therefore call upon the Muslim leaders worldwide to stop dancing to the tunes of the western powers; and stand in defense of their Muslim brothers and sisters wherever they are.

The writer is the UMSC spokesperson. He can be reached on 0772409504/0701409504 or

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