Mufti Meets Pope Francis at the Vatican

His Eminence the Mufti of Uganda Shk. Shaban Ramadhan Mubaje was one of the high level delegation of 17 Executive Committee members of Religions for Peace International who met Pope Francis on October 18th at the Vatican in Rome.

Religions for Peace International is based in New York – United States of America.

The members of the delegation which was led by Dr. William Vendley the Secretary General of Religions for Peace International travelled to the Vatican to express their support towards the Pope’s peace initiatives around the world.

His Eminence the Mufti thanked the Pope for his strong condemnation of the persecution of Muslims in Burma, Central African Republic, Palestine and other countries world over.

“No one should be targeted for holding a different opinion or belonging to a particular religion because in the eyes of the Creator, we are equal” the Mufti said.

In his remarks, Pope Francis welcomed the delegation and commended them for working for peace with their hearts, minds and hands.

“I express my esteem and appreciation for the work of ‘Religions for Peace’. You provide a valuable service to both religion and peace, for religions are bound by their very nature to promote peace through justice, fraternity, disarmament and care for creation” the Pope said.

He was impressed by the impact of inter religious cooperation around the world noting that;

“Let us continue along this path! We trust in the Almighty’s help and in the good will of believers and so many others”.

Prior to meeting the Pope, the Mufti attended two international conferences in Cairo Egypt. The first one was organised by H.E the Grand Mufti of Cairo Shk. Shauki Alam on 16th October 2017. It brought together Muftis from different countries under the house of Fatwa Worldwide.

The second conference was held on 17th October 2017 in Cairo during which the Muftis discussed the need to educate Muslims about Fatwa.

The Mufti said all the meetings came up with strong resolutions aimed at promoting peace and dialogue among Muslims, and between Muslims and members of other faiths.

The Mufti returned yesterday from this long working trip and he was received by a delegation of UMSC senior management officials led by the Deputy Mufti Shk. Abdallah Semambo.

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  1. Congratulations Your Eminence Sheik Shaban Ramathan Mubajje for making history in UMSC leadership using high analysis intelligence and strengthening unity among diverse faith institutions through out the World. Its a mark to rub shoulders with Pope Francis for the cause of humanity and more so to speak for the opressed Muslims of the World. Iam impressed and feel proud as a Ugandan muslim. We should now focus on meaningful Muslim unity in Uganda. Bravo.

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