International University of Africa (Sudan) Interviews held

Students who applied to join the International University of Africa in Khartoum Sudan have converged at UMSC Headquarters for interviews.

The interviews are currently underway in the main Conference Hall at the UMSC Headquarters Old Kampala.

Over 200 students, both male and female from all over Uganda applied for the scholarships which cover university studies in both Islamic and secular courses.

The secular courses comprise of both arts and sciences and they include; Education, Computer studies, Medicine, Nursing, Mineral and Petroleum, Agricultural production and processing technology, Family science and community development, Engineering and Mass Communication among others.

The interviews are being supervised by lecturers from the Islamic Call University College, Officials from UMSC Education Department and officials from Munazzat Al Daawa Al Islamiyya.

After the interviews, both oral and written, the papers will be sent to the Islamic University of Africa in Khartoum for marking and selection.

According to the Secretary for Education Sheikh Juma Bakhit Cucu, about 60 students will be selected from the over 200 applicants.

Shortly before the commencement of the interviews, Shk. Bakhit told the applicants and their parents that the UMSC mandate in the process is strictly to supervise the interviews.

“The selection will be done in Khartoum and it will be on merit” he told the applicants.

The results are expected in September 2018.

In Kampala, the interviews are also being held at Munazzamat Offices. In Eastern Uganda, the interviews are being held at Hamdan Girls in Mbale and AWTAD Organisation – Jinja.

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