UMSC Health Sector Umbrella

Uganda Muslim Medical Bureau (UMMB)

UMSC has some running programmes that include: Uganda Muslim Medical Bureau (UMMB). Through UMMB, UMSC serves and over sees all Muslim founded medical facilities – hospitals and health centres. It also helps to distribute low cost medicines from government. The bureau however still lacking in a number areas to be an efficient and effective organ of UMSC to manage the Muslim founded hospitals and centres not to mention the health of its community.

HIV/AIDS Focal Office

UMSC has established an HIV/AIDS focal office through which UMSC serves the Muslim founded efforts – CBOs/NGOs operating in the area of HIV/AIDS. This is such an expensive area that requires partners to be able to address this pandemic in our community.

Population Program for Reproductive Health

For over 12 years now, UMSC has been implementing population and reproductive health programs within the Muslim Community – specifically targeting youths in rural districts as well as urban centres. The demand for this service however in our community is over whelming thus the need for partners to spread it further and sustain it.


This is a running partnership between UMSC and UNICEF which began in July 2010. The Cooperation Partnership Agreement was signed in May 2011. The partnership is for four years and the programme is covering three regions of Rwenzori, Karamoja and Acholi Muslim districts. The programme is focusing on three sectors of keeping children Learning, Safe and Alive. The crosscutting issues include the use of Communication for development (C4D) and Technology for Development (T4D), Monitoring and Evaluation, training in Emergency preparedness etc