A brief about Uganda Muslim Supreme Council


Uganda Muslim Supreme Council (UMSC) is a National Institution that was established in June 1972 as a faith based umbrella organization for all Muslims, organisations and/affiliated institutions such as schools, tertiary Institutions etc in the Uganda. It has a core responsibility of reaching out to all its faithful ones at all levels in its programme activities and service delivery

The first founders of the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council were;

  1. Ahmed Sulaiman – chairman
  2. Sheikh Abudulzake Matove – Chief Khadhi
  3. Sheikh Ali saad Kulumba -Deputy Chief Khadhi
  4. Ali Balunywa – Deputy Chairman
  5. Abdu Khaliq Abdallah -Treasurer
  6. Mohamad Afzal Choudry _ deputy Treasurer
  7. Ahmed Sekulima -Deputy Secretary


The overall vision for UMSC is Unity and Development of the Muslim Community in Uganda


To enable all Sunni Muslims in Uganda to attain and realize full Religious, Social, Educational, Political and Economic welfare in the Country.

The Structure

The organizational structure of UMSC runs from grassroots to the national levels – (Mosques, Twale/County, Muslim Districts, the Executive, Magilis Ulamah and the General Assembly as the top policy making body. This structure has been acknowledged by a number of development partners as being very democratic and one which ensures swift flow of information to the community.


The objects of which UMSC was established include among other the following:

  • To promote Islam and Morals of the people of Uganda
  • To unite the Muslim Community and build harmony with other religions
  • To educate and train religious leaders
  • To establish and operate educational institutions and construction of Mosques
  • Establish and operate health centres
  • Establish and operate institutions of Charity for Orphans, destitute and the disabled
  • To establish Convert Centres
  • To Guide Muslims in spheres of Politics and Economics
  • To lobby government for a conducive operating environment/legislation